ACL injuries – Tears of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament

•   What's an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and exactly how is it injured?

There are four primary ligaments inside your knee, the ACL being one of these. They act like strong ropes to keep the bone tissues together and keep your knee secure. The ACL is harmed by shifting direction rapidly, stopping abruptly, slowing down while running, landing from a jump wrongly, or direct contact or collision (for instance a football tackle).

•   How are ACL injuries remedied?

Treatment for an ACL tear will differ based upon the patient’s personal needs. A torn ACL won't heal without surgery. Individuals who are physically active or taking part in sports most likely need surgical treatment. Less active, older individuals could possibly return to a quieter way of life without surgery.

•   How was the research performed?

By using a research tool referred to as a Markov model, researchers approximated the value of ACL reconstruction surgery for people by evaluating direct and indirect costs between surgical and non-surgical treatments. Costs and quality of life measures were integrated into the Markov model to determine the influence of surgery on a patient’s lifetime costs and quality-adjusted years. Model assumptions were designed using claims and survey data as well as clinical knowledgeable opinion and peer-reviewed literature.

•   What did the research conclude?

The study found ACL reconstruction is the preferred affordable treatment strategy for ACL tears and results in the very best societal cost savings when compared with rehabilitation. Compared with non-surgical treatment, ACL reconstruction costs $4,000 less for short-term outcomes and more than $50,000 less in lifetime savings per patient.

•   How will the research be used in the future and what's its effect on health care costs?

This is the first study to demonstrate the value of a societal perspective when taking into consideration the costs and advantages of ACL repair and guidelines that will affect access to this procedure. It provides a foundation for examining the importance of procedures and health services. It has a useful perspective to patients and parents of younger patients with regards to the costs and benefits of ACL reconstruction surgery.

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